Tokenizing private sales and seed rounds

How We Do It
NDS is available to everyone, on decentralized exchanges
Private Sales
We invest in private sales, NDS holders benefit
Pool NDS/ETH LPs and get your share of the NDS distribution
Burn Mechanism
We buy & burn NDS with 40% of all our revenues
Our aim at Nodeseeds is to democratize a type of investment that has been in the hands of the rich for far too long. By holding the NDS token, every investor can now gain exposure to private sales and seed rounds as we use 40% of our profits to buy back NDS tokens on the market, and burn them.
Pitch Deck

It's Simple
Get NDS Tokens
Any holder of NDS will benefit from our private sales earnings. We buy & burn NDS weekly with 40% of our profits. Simply hold NDS and sell at a profit whenever you want.
Join our Private Group
Hold 350+ NDS & join our private group to invest with us (optional).
We will also provide regular updates on medium about details of projects we invested in: e.g. time before public sale vesting schedule, etc.
40% of all profits will be used to buy back & burn NDS tokens on Uniswap.
45% of all profits will be reinvested.
15% of all profits go to Nodeseeds.

You are competing on unfair terms - Grow and invest with us
Be A Seed Investor
With the quick growth of the TVL on the Ethereum protocol, many new projects are being built in the world of DeFi. The people who make the most out of it are seeds' and private sales' investors. At best, most traders are left out with public sales with a higher token price. At worst, investors compete with bots upon Uniswap listings.

This is why we decided to create Nodeseeds - We invest in seed rounds and private presales, 40% of our revenues are used to buy&burn NDS. Thus, we give the money back to our community.
Are you launching your crypto project and need funds?