Meet The Team
Florian Hermet
I am a teacher by background who has worked in the UK & in Luxembourg. I have been trading and investing into cryptos for the past 4 years. I am particularly interested in crypto assets backed by real value such as index funds, tokenized venture capitals, or, like Nodeseeds, tokens backed by a company's revenues.

Maxime Lean
Co-founder & Analyst
With a financial and law background I am currently working in finance as a risk and regulatory agent. My main hobby is programming and I have been building and launching several businesses over the past few years. Since 2017, I developed an attraction to cryptocurrencies and assets management.

Marketing & Research
I have a hate/love relationship with crypto. It has been stealing my time for about 1 year now. But stealing may not be the right word, it has kept me busy for 1 year now. I love researching new projects especially when that means I learn something new about blockchains, DeFi, or crypto development.
Patric Moeri
I'm a senior product designer with a love for crypto. I think finance should be decentralized and everybody should have access to their money at any time. I enjoy creating things from scratch and watch companies grow.

Our Advisors
Leonardo Noci
CEO - FERA Strategies
Lalo Trage
Head of Marketing - NFTFY
Ray Buckton
Head of Content Strategy - HeavyZen
Mark Berger
Association President - Occam
Juan Moreno
Investment Banking Analyst